XYGOL is an example of reactionary programming in that when an event is inspired, other events are triggered as well by a defined pattern of action.

It is based on the concepts of John Conolly’s “GAME OF LIFE”, a hypothetical system, which he proposed as a programming challenge. This is my answer to this proposed information system which attempts to generate a map of census, creating life, and destroying it in constantly monitoring and considering the quantitative associations of mass population for any given space with or without boundaries (my program represents a boundaried system).

To enjoy this simply check some boxes and click on either button. Experiment. Keep clicking on the “Activate” button once you have loaded the map, or simply view both the map and the graphical representation of what the map produces by continuing to click on the “Add Values” button”. Have fun!

XYGOL was programmed, designed, and is copyright © 2008-2018, ad infinitum, by Brian Power / tink-tank.com, All Rights Reserved.